It Doesn't Get Much Hotter Than Nyle DiMarco Hiking Completely Nude

December 4, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Nyle DiMarco, the model who defied all odds against him and won both America's Next Top Model and Dancing With The Stars, sends chills down our spines just by looking in our direction. He's so hot and he knows it! He takes every chance he gets to show off that amazing body - no matter what the scenario. According to his latest post on Instagram, Nyle doesn't even care if his surroundings are just a bunch of rocks and trees. After all, when else would a person feel more natural?

While out in the wilderness, photographer Taylor Miller took some great shots of Nyle posing in his birthday suit. Thankfully, Nyle was nice enough to share one of his favorites - which features the 28-year-old standing completely naked on top of a Jeep while gazing off into the distance - with us, all of his thirsty fans. 

Into the wild ?: @taylormillerphoto

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Nyle captioned the photo with the most perfect line: "Into the wild."

His latest shot comes just a few days after he wished us all a happy Thanksgiving on social media. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Such a hot shot on Turkey Day! I can't wait to see what he shows us on Christmas! 

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