Did You Know Vadim Black's Dick Was Magic?

December 1, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Vadim Black is preparing for a magic show, and puts on a show for Derek Bolt...including a few special tricks

[WATCH: Magic Dick - Men.com]

Vadim makes Derek's clothes disappear, then shows him even MORE tricks his cock can do!

While I like porn to have SOME plot (and not just be "Sex on a box") I don't like it to be overly contrived (like the last scene of Naked Sword's "Paris Perfect".)

We all know that Men.com can be the QVEENs of contrived porn (like their current "Justice League" parody) but they may actually have found a balance between contrived, twee, and hot here. 

From Drill My Hole:

Vadim Black is practicing his magic tricks for a show when his roommate Derek Bolt interrupts. Vadim asks him to be his test audience and Derek gets just what he wished for in the grand finale.

Vadim Black may have the sexiest eyes in the business, and may be the only gay porn star that can make a goofy-looking magic suit look hot.

He's also a great magician! Look at his cock get hard immediately.

Granted, Derek Bolt is gorgeous, and his mouth is hot, but still.

After some heavy foreplay, Vadim makes his cock disappear! In Derek's ass, that is.

I think that's the trick Derek liked best, considering the response he gave.

Then when he was ready, Vadim and his cock performed his last trick: Cumming all over Derek's face.

Is there anything Vadim can't do? Talk about a jack off all trades.

Is your dick magic like Vadim Black's? What tricks can it do?


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