If Colton Grey's Eyes Didn't Haunt You, Theo Ford's Certainly Will

November 29, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

The cast of NakedSword's newest film "Paris Perfect" are all lookers - But Theo Ford's gaze may burn a hole into your soul.

[WATCH: "Paris Perfect" Episode Three: Buying Time - NakedSword Originals]

Episode Three of "Paris Perfect" comes rife with suit fucking, foot play, and a rough session between Theo Ford and Dani Robles.

Alrighty: To get you up to speed:

Trenton Ducati broke up with his boyfriend Colton Grey after a face fuck session.

[WATCH: "Paris Perfect Episode One: Blindsided" - NakedSword Originals]

To get back at him, Colton and BFF Johnny V steal Trenton's credit card to go to Paris. Colton gets mistaken for some French dude. 

And while Colton gets the hotel sorted, Johnny V flip fucks with frenchman Francois Sagat.

[WATCH: "Paris Perfect Episode Two: An American In Francois" - NakedSword Originals]

And now, we're here, with Theo Ford fucking Dani Robles.

From NakedSword Originals:

As if being forced to eat escargot, "Mr. Ferrand's Favorite" wasn't bad enough, Colton Grey's charade takes a turn for the worse when a Spanish hitman (Dani Robles) turns up at the Penthouse. His threatening demands for payment on a debt are appeased by Theo Ford who takes Dani into the next room to buy some time. The downpayment includes heavy foot play, ass eating, cock sucking, and every inch of Theo's thick, uncut cock, shoved up Dani's tight ass.

Y'all remember when porn was just porn?

Not ONLY is Theo Ford fucking Dani Robles, Theo Ford is eye-fucking you.

AND he's tantalizing you with that ridiculous cock.

Like, we get it - you used to be a model and have a perfect face, and you have a perfect cock. Stop taunting us with it.

Not ONLY is Theo Ford rimming Dani Robles, he's still eye-fucking you.

Even while rimming another dude, Theo can still hold a pose. Are you turned on or uncomfortable?

So not only is Theo perfect, he's into feet, making him somewhat kinky, making him somewhat more perfect.

He's even got a long tongue!

Also, WTF is that bee on top of the ceiling? No.

And then it all finishes with some photoshopped cum.

Photoshopped cum is best cum.

On his way out, Theo warns that the debt must be repaid within 24 hours. Not to mention that Johnny V's phone got stolen after he got his hole taken by Francois. So when Colton called him, he couldn't answer! Maybe we'll find out what happened in Scene 4.

Are you a fan of foot fucking or suit play?


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