Austin Armacost (Finally) Showed A Little Too Much On Snapchat!

November 28, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Austin Armacost isn't shy about letting it all hang out on social media, but usually we just get some very good looks at his perfect ass. He's served up some hot handstand realness, given us every reason necessary to join Instagram, and revealed his bursting bulge mid-workout for the world to see - but none of it compares to Austin's latest sexy snap. 

He really took his exhibitionist behavior to a whole new level by stripping down in the middle of yet another workout to show off the progress he's made with that super fuckable body of his. 

He let thwe pic do all the talking with a series of little kiss emojis, but I don't think they were really necessary. Let's face it, we would've puckered up for that dick anyway. 

This snap reminds me of when Austin "accidentally" showed a bit too much skin in a bed selfie. I think he knew what he was doing, and this latest pic is just another way of pushing the envelope. So on behalf of every living, breathing, thirsty guy in the world - SHOW US YOUR FUCKING DICK ALREADY! Of course we'd prefer to see it in action, but at this point we'll take whatever we can get. 

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