Cameron Dallas No-Shave November And Pit For Days Selfie

November 27, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Sassy starlet Cameron Dallas has been leaving us high and tight recently on Instagram, but this weekend he was back and thirst trapier than ever with a sexy new selfie flaunting his new beard and what is turning out to be the best pit hair in the biz! Well, second best. The YouTube sensation has changed up his look significantly in the past month - shaving his head, dying the scalp stubble blonde, and now growing a damn beard for No Shave November. Can a twink even have a beard? I need a gay taxonomist stat!

I'm not 100% in on this new scruff, but I could be convinced if you guys think it's the best thing in the world. I think we decided that Dallas is like 50% dick and 50% lips (or was it body? Or ass crack? I don't remember the math) but if his lips do indeed factor into his sex appeal, I can't say this beard is doing them any favors. They're like dad lips here. Not daddy lips. Actual dad lips. Still, Dallas makes sure to include his shaved tit and of course the pit hair that we got a heaping helping of recently in the new pic, and overall it's definitely what I needed the Monday after Thanksgiving! Does Dallas make your stuffing moist? Ew! Spillz tho.  


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