Foreskin Lovers and Foreskin HAVERs, This One's For You!

November 21, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton's "Uncut Legends" Celebrates Those Cocks That Are Still Intact

Dato Foland, Damien Crosse, Francois Sagat, and other uncircumcised porn stars star

And those foreskins all look beautiful. #YesAllForeskins

There's also an oddly-shaped, illuminated chair trying to take center stage, but keeps the focus on these beautiful dicks.

And honestly, it's a nice change of pace! Most of the time, gay porn features guys that are circumcised, since the bulk of it is produced in the US, where the majority of guys are cut. And if a guy IS uncut, many times for promo pics, and even in scenes, they're made to pull their foreskin down so they look cut (unless they have phimosis). So it's nice to see a studio celebrate (us) intact guys for once. 

Besides it's 2017, and tastes and preference are growing and changing. Despite many guys not knowing what do do with a cut cock (don't pull the foreskin back unless he says it's okay), many more guys are open to the idea of cut cocks. Hell even one porn star uses "unkut" as his last name (and he's sweet, despite using the n-word around me).

Gage Unkut isn't in the "Uncut Legends" series, but many other beautiful porn stars are:

Scene One: Andy Star and Dato Foland


Dato Foland and Andy Star kick off this series with their beautiful throbbing uncut cocks.

[WATCH: "Uncut Legends: Scene One" - Drill My Hole]

Scene Two: Rico Fatale and Damien Crosse


Damien Crosse and Rico Fatale give the other uncut boys a run for their money in this hot and heavy fuckfest.

[WATCH: "Uncut Legends: Scene Two" - Drill My Hole]

Scene Three: Nicolas Brooks and François Sagat


Francois Sagat and Nicolas Brooks finish off this series with the biggest uncut bang.

TWO uncut cocks? What say you?

[WATCH: "Uncut Legends: Scene Three" - Drill My Hole] series are usually three parts, so we won't see a fourth scene, but man was that a doozie of skin!

Are you a fan of uncut cocks? Who is your favorite uncut porn star?

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