Sean Maygers Enjoys Himself A Bathhouse Romp

November 17, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

While at a bathhouse in Vegas, Sean Maygers encounters 2 gloryholes - one with a cock peeking through, one with a nice ass.

[WATCH: Sean Maygers Bathhouse Solo - Dominic]

Sean plays with both, but which one will he choose to get off with?

Sean Maygers has only done about three scenes, but he's made an impact in all of them. 

First he showed off his body and cock at American Muscle Hunks:

[WATCH: Sean Maygers - American Muscle Hunks]

Then he let Dominic Pacifico know how much torture, pain and pleasure he could handle in one of the most intense edging sessions you've ever seen.

[WATCH: Sean Maygers Edged Hard - Dominic]

And now, he's about to show off his beautiful muscles and cock at the bathhouse!


Sean takes a stroll down to the Las Vegas bathhouse to see what is on offer. He finds himself in a dark hall way with glory holes. Lucky Sean, finds a big cock and a hot ass to play with while jerking himself off. He jerks the cock of till it shoots a massive load. Then bareback breeds the high ass, who happened to be Casey Everett. Nice surprise. 

Answers that question. But you'd pick Casey Everett too - don't lie.

I wonder whom the other guy was - maybe Dominic?

Casey's ass was so good, Sean dropped his load right inside!

Then he left his load inside, and moved on to the next victim.

Maybe it was the cock?

First a jack off session, then an edging session, then a bathhouse romp? What will he do next? A regular, boring ol' sex scene?

Need me one like Sean.


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