"You BELIEVE It's Going To Be Amazing? It WILL Be Amazing"

November 20, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

Based on what he's seen backstage, Drew Dixon knows the sex he's about to have with Nathan Raider is going to be amazing...

[WATCH: Nathan Raider and Drew Dixon - Badpuppy]

These two fumble around with an awkwardly cute dialogue session then get right down to business.

You ever see your friend naked and think "damn. It would be hot to hit that". Well that happened to Nathan Raider and Drew Dixon, but only like 5 minutes before they were supposed to fuck. Lucky them.

From Badpuppy:

There is chemistry from the start with Nathan Raider and Drew Dixon. They slowly strip each other out of their clothes; admiring each other's hot, toned bodies.  Their kisses are deep and very passionate. Nathan pulls down his pants and underwear.  His cock is ready for some attention so, Drew drops to the floor and begins servicing Nathan's rock-hard piece of meat.  They both go at each other's cocks like they have not eaten in days; swallowing each other until they almost gag.

While Drew Dixon is new to porn, Nathan Raider isn't; he's done AT LEAST one scene before.

Here, he was featured with Dmitry Osten at Bulldog Pit. He's looking more tan, and more tattooed now - what do you think?

[WATCH: Big Dicked Breeding - Bulldog Pit]

So Nathan knew just how to manhandle our porn newbie into submission.

First? A little cock sucking action, duh.

And here, it looks like Nathan is biting Drew's hiney. :-(

Youri Chevalier may have said "Thick thighs make the dick rise" but Drew's thighs are as long as Nathan's cock! Speaking of which...

Before you know it, Nathan is fucking Drew every which way from Sunday.

Right up until they both cum.

Even though these two have done an action scene, expect solo scenes from these boys soon, as Badpuppy is wont to do as of late.

So - was Nathan and Drew's fuck as amazing as Drew Dixon said it would be?


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