Are Colton Grey's Eyes Haunting You?

November 15, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Colton Grey Stars in Episode One of NakedSword's Newest Feature "Paris Perfect", but his eyes are really the star of the show.

[WATCH: "Paris Perfect Episode One: Blindsided" - NakedSword Originals]

Trenton Ducati stars too, but Colton's eyes!

They're And even highlighted by the fact that he's got blonde hair and (here, at least) Trenton's cock in his mouth, Colton may have the bluest eyes in the industry.

From NakedSword Originals:

Muscled porn star Trenton Ducati appears bored as he stares out the window of his San Francisco hi-rise, despite the fact that blue-eyed Colton Grey is giving him a world-class blow job. Without warning, Trenton pulls out and blows his load all over Colton’s face. Before Colton even has a chance to wipe off the jizz Trenton dumps him and tells him he wants him gone - now! Blindsided and infuriated by the breakup, Colton packs his bags and leaves, helping himself to Trenton’s frequent flyer card on his way out the door…

Colton's eyes HAVE haunted people before.

Remember when he ran up and down the streets of Berkeley, CA to promote "Fuck Me I'm Infamous"?

[WATCH: "Fuck Me I'm Infamous: Episode 4" - Naked Sword Originals]

And here's another glimpse of those eyes if you were missing them.

He's got a nice cock too, but those eyes.

Trenton looks as hot as ever, face fucking Colton.

He even cums in Colton's mouth:

And then snowballs it with a nice kiss!

I know what you're thinking: Where's the anal action?

Well...there isn't any - only oral. It looks like NakedSword may be following in the footsteps of those like Falcon, who are including more types of scenes besides anal in their releases. 

Both "Route 69" and "Code of Silence" from Falcon had blowjob-only scenes:

[WATCH: Code Of Silence Episode Three - Falcon Studios]

And now, those don't just look like one-offs. Many of you have said you don't like anal scenes, and do love oral, so maybe they're taking your word for it!

Are you a sucker for eyes like Colton Grey's? 


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