Gay Documentary Dream Boat Features Ripped Dude Fuck Fest

November 14, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Dream Boat is a gay documentary that debuted at the Berlin Film Festival in early 2017, and it can currently be found playing in very select theaters. The flick follows the stories of five different men aboard a week-long fuck fest known as the Dream Boat, and dives into gay relationships and sex as well as the surprising importance of gay cruises for many homosexy fellas.

The men we meet aboard have a wide variety of reasons for their journey - from escaping the oppression of their respective countries to, of course, going to town on an all-you-can-eat buffet of tight hairy assholes for a week straight! The maid turndown service includes condoms, and the almost 3,000 passengers walk around sporting their fetish fantasies and sometimes just go full blown-ass out. Typo and it stays - that was supposed to be "full-blown ass out."



NE WAYZ, treating the cruise as a serious window into gay life earns Dream Boat major probs from this guy. Gay body shaming, safe sex, and these bulges above ::raises hands to the Lord:: are all in play here. The Hollywood Reporter lightly criticizes Dream Boat for wanting to "have its beefcake and eat it too" - meaning that it wants to be taken seriously but is just too damn thirsty. AKA the perfect documentary! And the first line on my résumé.

I'd seriously love to know what you guys think of the idea behind Dream Boat. Have you been on a gay cruise before? Would you recommend? Did you find friendship? Love? A poop deck full of throbbing twelve-inch dicks? Spillz!  


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