Dominic Pacifico Edges Newbie Sean Maygers HARD

November 14, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

We're not talking normal edging here - Dominic uses clothes pins, soanking, and a vibrator on Sean Maygers until he cums!

[WATCH: Sean Maygers Edged Hard - Dominic]

You haven't seen or felt anything like this in a while.

Sean Maygers has only appeared in one scene before, at American Muscle Hunks.

So he's a relative newbie, getting edged to death. Kinda fun seeing how far he'll go, so soon.

[WATCH: Sean Maygers - American Muscle Hunks]

Not to mention, we all know sometimes Dominic Pacifico can be sweet.

Remember that one time he fucked Casey Everett when they were in Whistler? So sweet.

[WATCH: Whistler Bareback - Dominic]

THIS was not one of those times, though.

Dominic pulled out ALL the stops on his new boy, including clothespins!


Dominic catches Sean Maygers off guard during his trip to Las Vegas. Sean Finds himself tied up to Dominic's ceiling. Master Dominic is feeling rough and cuts Sean's clothing off before clothes pinning his balls and nipples. He flogs Sean's body hard and smacks his ass intensely. Sean's massive cock is pulsing while he's stroked and edged. Teased till he can't take it, Master Dominic final lets his captive shoot his load right in his mouth.

Sean is tall and built like a brick house though, so he can take it.

He looks like he could even give Pierce Paris a run for his money!

Knowing that Sean can take it, Dominic certainly gave it.

Have YOU ever been tied to a ceiling with your nipples and balls pinned while you were being sucked off? Didn't think so.

Dominic even went so far as to make Sean cry, with all the spanking and extreme action.

Sean must have liked it, as he came, but you'll have to check out the video for that.

How long can you edge? Do you keep your edging hardcore like Dominic Pacifico?


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