Dacre Montgomery Gets His Body Werked On By Thirsty Stylist

November 13, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Thanks to hair stylist to the stars Sarah Hindsgaul's brand new Instagram video, we now have a sneak peek at how Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery gets sexed up for his shirtless scenes! Hindsgaul is all about the clavicles and abs while sculpting Dacre's bod, and being the little fame ho that he is - something we witnessed with his Stranger Things audition tape - Dacre just can't stop making sweet love to the camera!

The Stranger Things stars are slowly chipping away at my taint, and it definitely helps that they have a lot of confidence and are kind of up their own assholes. It gets me thinking - could I be up their own assholes too? In addition to flaunting his camera-ready bod while playing basketball shirtless, Dacre shares a steamy shower scene with Joe Keery in Stranger Things, and it's kind of amazing to see what ol' Sarah can do with a dude's abs! Does she make house calls, and will she work for zero dollars, and can she do every inch of my body. I'll tell her not to stop until she sees Ryan Phillippe. Check out the behind-the-scenes spray down and let us know if Montgomery looks different in real life versus on screen by comparing him with the Stranger Things stills above!



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