I Guess We're Looking At 18-Year-Old James Charles' Side Bulge

November 10, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

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James Charles is a social media beauty guru insanely popular among losers like me who watch his videos, and now that he's eighteen and has, as of today, bulged out in his boxer briefs on YouTube, I guess it's time to be gross about it!

Nothing in this world is more relaxing than watching beauty bloggers smush makeup onto their faces, and there's something honestly inspiring about the teen Charles, who you may know as the first ever male Cover Girl, unapologetically looking like he should be floating down a staircase on Dynasty in a sequin cocktail dress twenty-four seven. And it's even cooler that people don't h8 on him for it or even acknowledge his gender expression. They h8 on him for a thousand other reasons! Which honestly is kind of what gays have been fighting for.



But is James Charles also a secret sex explosion? That's really up for you to decide after seeing this clip from his new upload. I think I've seen all of Charles' videos and can say he's at his absolute most shameless here while filming himself getting dressed in his room - wearing nothing but his booty and junk-hugging Calvin Klein boxer briefs!

Now that Nolan Gould has hit the ripe old age of nineteen, we are on the lookout for someone else to go all Herbert on, but is James the guy to fill Gould's shoes? I'm going wait and see what you guys say in the comments before weighing in. And let's make these comments super horrifying like the ones on YouTube to keep with the theme!  


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