Male Nudity On Next Hit Series Babylon Berlin Is Uh-Mazing

November 8, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


My privates have officially booked their flight to Yeast Berlin after seeing these hot nude clips from the wildly critically acclaimed new German series, Babylon Berlin! It really is a fucking mess down there. I'm afraid to look down. The Germans have churned out their priciest German-language series ever, according to The New York Times, and it's predicted to spread like wildfire across the globe and is actually already set to premiere on Netflix stateside on January 30th. But we are not about having to wait for our soaking wet German dick here at Fleshbot Gay, and you can check out a hot nude peek right now! Here's the jizz-st of what you can expect from Babylon Berlin if you care about the plot more than the flop:

This new epic crime drama [is] set during the Weimar Republic, the chaotic 15-year era that preceded the Third Reich. Based on the best-selling novels by Volker Kutscher, the show centers on Gereon Rath, a police detective from Cologne played by Volker Bruch, who arrives in the unfamiliar capital to investigate a blackmail plot involving a sadomasochistic porn film.

The troubled young detective is assisted by Charlotte Ritter, a police typist played by Liv Lisa Fries, who strives to make the most of Weimar Berlin’s new freedoms to escape the poverty of her bleak, overcrowded tenement. By day she picks up sporadic work at police headquarters, and by night turns tricks at Moka Efti, a nightclub and temple to hedonism.



Jaysus Germany, git at it. This makes The Deuce sound like Blue's Clues. Babylon star Johann Jürgens (you are kidding me with that last name) is a goddamn daddy addy addy, and in one memorable scene, goes skinny dipping with his hairy body, hot flopping cock, and tight ass on full display! You can check out the full clip below as well as some more of his nudity in the gallery above. Johann Jürgens is do. ing. it. for. me. but I could just be lonely and horny on a Wednesday. What do you guys think? Does this make you - Let go your heart, let go your head, and feel it now, Babylon, Babylon, Babylon? Spillz!     



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