Olly Alexander Shows Off His Flexibility While Doing The Splits In His Latest Gym Selfie

November 7, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Years and Years frontman Olly Alexander is very fitness conscious - at least from what I can tell in his latest series of social media posts. He hits the gym every chance he gets, and doesn't mind sharing the experience with us as he's workin' up a sweat! 

Olly served up some cute bubble butt realness in his last Insta story post. Landing in full splits (like the kind you try to attempt when you really want to impress a top. No? Just me?), Olly posted the selfie, adding the little quip "That’s right boys" for us all to see. 

Maybe it's jealousy, or maybe I'm a little turned on? Perhaps it's just a healthy mix of both, but DAMN! Olly knows how to work it, y'all! Something tells me he's used this move before... more than once... way more. Not with all those pesky clothes on, either. You get it. 

Now let's get a closer look...

Oh, hey boo! Olly's not looking too shy these days, which is pretty much the opposite of when he met another famous pop star, Ricky Martin, back in September. I guess we all change over time, and I for one really like seeing Olly come out of his shell. 


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