That Hot Gay Spider-Man Teacher Showed Maj Spandex Dick

November 3, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency


While Halloween 2017 is but a distant memory to us now, the shameless Spandex dick keeps on coming, and this time around it's from super sexy openly gay teacher in Indiana, Tell Williams! Everyone say hi to Mr. Williams. The fit as fuck teach allowed his students to choose his costume this year, and those thirsty britches settled on Spider-Man.

It turns out the form-fitting costume doubled as an anatomy lesson, because Williams' huge bulge can be seen front and center in this picture that he shared on Twitter! He states that he didn't want to flaunt his dick bulge in front of children (gentleman much) so he wore sweatpants over the outfit during class. But he still posted this pic on social media. Where his students could see it. Why didn't I have a teacher as cool as Mr. Williams! 

Considering the current tense climate surrounding Kevin Spacey's teen sex club, I think wearing a legit dick-hugging outfit to school is a little ballsy, but ya know, YOLO. Hopefully next year Tell goes as a pornstar and does porn! But seriously. He should do porn. Do you want to Tell him where it hurts so good? Spillz! 


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