"I Can't Just Jerk Off On My Day Off - Well...Not Alone"

November 3, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Vadim Black has hired a cleaning service and a maid on his day off, and gets the two confused!

[WATCH: Mistaken Identity - Drill My Hole]

Luckily Teo Carter is versatile and can play the role of both...

Jesus be some product placement on that video from Men4Rent now. What's next? A Scene sponsored by Beats, with guys all wearing Beats headphones, as they sponsor everything? Ok maybe that wouldn't be terrible.

Some of us have more than one identity. I for one, have three; Matt (my real name), Garridan Faxton (my pen name), and Shawn Monroe (whom I am on Men4RentNow).

Now Vadim Black (an identity in itself) has mistaken his maid (what do you call a male maid - just that?) for his hooker, and that calls for some interesting shenanigans. Maybe he ordered BOTH off Men4RentNow, since after the "Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers" Act was passed, sites like Men4RentNow are trying to move away from being escort sites, and move to "gay male employment" sites?

Suddenly his mix-up makes sense.

It looks like Teo Carter was so good at sucking cock that Vadim wanted a little 69 action with him!


Vadim Black has no issues sticking his aching eager cock in Teo Carter's anticipating puckered hole.

Vadim was ready to go, and was ready to plow some ass!

Teo wasn't sure what he was getting into, but he was ready.

And once they got going, they just couldn't stop.

Luckily, Teo is a handyman, and will be able to clean Vadim's cum out of his beard in no time sharp.

Thanks Vadim, for supporting your local economy.

Have you ever hired an escort and gotten them confused with someone else, like Vadim Black did?


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