Nude Mark Duplass Very Very Full Frontal In Creep 2

October 31, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Since NONE of my fav Insta sluts have come out with whore-y Halloween costumes worth posting about, yet, I thought I was going to have to dig a little deep to find something to tickle my taint today. And while I'd say normally Mark Duplass leaves my taint at about a three - even though he's no stranger to going nude - this new very very full frontal scene from Creep 2 is doing things for me down there! 

When I first saw this scene I could have sworn I was looking at the face, body, balls, and dick of someone else, and when I realized it was Duplass, my first thought was "Is he the first man to ever look better with a ponytail?" The answer is obviously yes. Duplass delivers an epic towel reveal that leads to some swinging dong and a long look at his well-lit, completely-nude bod! Finally Duplass is contributing to cinema in a meaningful way! You did it bud. Here's the jizz-st of Creep 2 according to Mr. Man:

To follow up Mark Duplass' impressively popular Creep is Creep 2 - except now, the former Josef (Duplass) has taken on the former victim's name: Aaron. Duplass's Aaron is a serial killer who documents his crimes by hiring videographers who unwittingly film their own murders - and this time, he hires Sara, a college student who is surprisingly difficult to scare, even after he tells her that he's a serial killer. 

Pass. The main takeaway today is that Mark Duplass has some nice junk that would definitely be worth batting around for an afternoon, and you can see Mark in all of his glory in the full Creep 2 clip below! 


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