Luke Hudson and Jockpussy Release Their Halloween Scene

October 31, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Uh-oh...looks like Zack Grayson's cock is too big for his Halloween costume!

[WATCH: Jockpussy Halloween - Jockpussy]

Thank god Luke Hudson is there to help - and his treat is a nice face full of cum.

Halloween gay porn 2017 is turning out a lot better than I thought it would! So far, we've had "The Devil's Deal and Other Sordid Tales" from Naked Sword Originals, "The Bayou" from, THIS from ManRoyale, and now Jockpussy throws it's name in the books.

This isn't actually the first time JockPussy has done parody porn! And oddly enough, they've all starred Luke alongside Zack Grayson.

Don't forget this Stranger Things parody:

[WATCH: "Stranger Things - A XXX Jockpussy Parody" - Jockpussy

And don't forget THIS parody of The Office!

[WATCH: "The Office - A XXX JockPussy Parody" - JockPussy]

Maybe he's the "mastermind" behind these. Maybe they're trying to pass the time between appointments on their national tour.

At least this one is a scenario we can all relate to: One minute you're wearing your Halloween costume, drinking a colorful beverage, playing pong and eating sushi...

And the next minute you're sucking cock.

It's happened to all of us, really.

From Jockpussy:

I've got a bone to pick with you! Says Zack in his Halloween costume. Turns out his big cock is way too big for his skeleton costume - nutbuster Luke is to the rescue - ripping Zack's costume and immediately filling his face with that long schlong.

Luke jumps right on top of that rock hard cock - Zack finding just the right spot deep inside Luke. Luke is definitely busting more than ghosts tonight and his treat is a face full of Zack's cum.

Has Zack Grayson's cock gotten bigger? I swear it has.

Luke wasn't gonna let the nigh go without a bust! 

Trick or Treat? More like Dick or treat...

And at the end, Luke finally got that cum.

I personally think Guys In Sweatpants wins for best modern gay porn halloween scene of all time with this scary shit, but I at least appreciate Jockpussy's different take on Halloween.

How does the Jockpussy Halloween scene compare to all the others?


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