Casey Cott Muscly Gay Spit-Swapping On Latest Riverdale

October 27, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


After writing about K.J. Apa and the rest of the sleuthing high schoolers on teen sexy party series Riverdale for twenty-years now, I recently actually started watching the show, and it took me back so hardcore to the days that I was discovering my taint's needs, wants, and desires thanks to Jack McPhee. And imagining Ben Covington putting his Dean in my DeLuca. Basically, I feel like a senior citizen reliving his glory days and will probably stop watching Riverdale so as to avoid depression. Okay so gay stuff. I do like seeing that the CW formula is pretty much intact, with the biggest difference now versus then being that in addition to pretty white kids with problems, we also get pretty black and Latino kids with problems, AND, more importantly, a surprising amount of pretty gay kids with problems! Enter Casey Cott and today's mystery - the curious case of cruising for dick in the forest. Phew, sorry, it took a while but we got here!



Cott plays the nuclear Riverdale homo Kevin Keller, and while he worked his way through butch footballer Moose and a cute ass gang member, the boy's downright insatiable, and on the most recent episode, gets into some wooded grinding with cutie Chris Carson. Keller was feeling so juicy that he ventured out into the gay trolling zone even though a killer is on the lose, but the gamble obviously paid off, because there's really nothing like moonlit tank top titty bumping. No there is not! Check out the full scene below and please let me know if I'm crazy for feeling like I can't relate to the characters on Riverdale in any capacity whatsoever!


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