Tom Daley's Cute Little Creaseless Booty Adjustment

October 25, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


I don't normally have much room for Tom Daley in my life - and I don't say that to be mean and certainly not to offend any of his fans - it's just that he's a shameless self-obsessed troll bottom. But today the little generic twink reminds us that he does indeed have a leg up over the competition by showing off his Speedo-clad Nerds pouch and cute booty in a new YouTube video documenting his training with team Great Britain in Florida! 

In the best part of the video, Daley can be seen fluttering up some steps while he casually adjusts his Speedos, revealing some of his sweet cheek in the process! The twenty-three-year-old doesn't go a day without reminding us that he has an amazing body, but there's something about this little booty adjustment that has me feeling feelings. Confusing, but honestly pretty intense, feelings. 



I can't believe I've never mentioned this next part before, but in one of my favorite movies, Sherman's March, the director's sister says that if you can suspend one to two pencils in the crease between your ass and thigh while standing, you're in trouble. She then says she can fit a medium-sized tube of Crest toothpaste. I'm currently looking around my desk trying to find something I couldn't keep suspended up there. MY POINT is that I always look for the most delicate of creases on a man now, and am kind of super jealous that our buff Tinker Bell literally doesn't even have one! He's creaseless! Are you lyving for Daley's super cute jiggly bouncy creaseless booty? Spillz! Oh and guys, remember to work hard, but also to play hard. Hot tips from Tom. 




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