Fuck My Tight Cult: Evan Peters Bangs Colton Haynes On New AHS

October 25, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Slow claps for Ryan Murphy. The American Horror Story mastermind has basically turned his life into the Casting Couch, and on last night's episode of AHS: Cult, he paired his longtime muse Evan Peters' dick with newbie Colton Haynes' butthole for a pretty damn intense gay fuck scene! Can you even imagine being able to ring up anyone in Hollywood and have them gay bang on camera while your spank bank explodes off-screen? I'd be like, ring ring, hi Nick Jonas, I've got a scene for you opposite Nolan Gould. And bring Joe. Omg kidding guys. Gould's not invited.



SEWZ, in the scene, Peters' character Kai Anderson, a manipulative cult leader, approaches Haynes' character Jack Samuels with some light touching, to which Haynes practically jizzes himself to. They then go in for some spit-swapping before Peters bends Haynes over and gets all kinds of aggressive with his ass. Here's the jizz-st according to Variety:

When Kai goes to Samuels’ one night to deliver the money, he finds Samuels trying to have sex with a woman, but he’s not aroused by her. After she storms out, Samuels opens up to Kai. He can get any girl he wants, but he just hasn’t found the right one yet… though that’s not the case, according to Kai. Kai tells him, in another one of his “take back the power” diatribes, that he doesn’t need more women, but a man. When Samuels insists that he’s not gay, Kai tells him to “lean into his masculinity.” When he has sex with a woman, she’s taking his power; when he has sex with a man, they’re “building on one another,” leading to Samuels and Kai themselves copulating.  

Now we all know what to say when trying to pick up straight dudes! We're just "building on one another" brah. Yeah, building globs of cum on one another. What do you think of Murphy's latest softcore classic? See the full scene below and spillz!


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