Cameron Dallas "Luscious Armpit Hair At Its Finest"

October 19, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Luscious arm pit hair at its finest

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Cameron Dallas certainly doesn't beat around the bush (probably because he doesn't really have one) when it comes to armpit hair in a new Instagram post in which he flashes pretty much all the twinky pit hair you could hope for! While we here at Fleshbot Gay know that pit hair is sewww hot right now - to the point that seeing our computer screens through the Nick Jonas pit hair forest can be challenging at times - Dallas is the first one of our sexy B-list celebs to come out and admit that audiences want one thing and one thing only: To fuck the brains out of pit hair! Or something like that.

The sassy starlet captions this new photo with "Luscious arm pit hair at its finest," which almost seems to break the fourth armpit hair wall. Like, we were always supposed to believe we were crazy for even noticing. If Dallas admits that celebs purposely wear dick and ball-hugging basketball shorts while sashaying down sidewalks in front of the paps, I just know there's going to be an industry backlash!

We have reached out to Nick Jonas's team for a comment on the pit hair matter. Just kidding I have no connections in this world of any kind. Let us know what you think of Dallas' artsy pouty pit shot in the comments below! 


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A post shared by Cameron Dallas (@camerondallas) on


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