Did You Know Manuel Skye Was This Flexible?

October 17, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Manuel Skye bends into all sorts of positions (and bends Massimo Piano into all sorts of positions) as they fuck in the final installment of Men.com's "The Genie" 

[WATCH: "The Genie: Part Three" - Drill My Hole]

And this time, the genie gets what he wants!

I don't know if you've been there before (because y'all are all bottoms), but I have: fucking a bottom so lazy that they won't even lift their legs up to be fucked, as if their ass is on the front. It doesn't require mass levels of flexibility, but I need you to participate.

Manuel Skye has enough flexibility and participation for the whole gay community, because:

AND he's doing that WHILE hard! 

That's one gorgeous genie, and Massimo plays the lucky plebian to get fucked by him in the finale of "The Genie" at Men.com.

In Scene One, Massimo used his first wish to get fucked by the GORGEOUS Lucas Fox:

[WATCH: "The Genie: Part One" - Drill My Hole]

And then, Massimo uses a wish to get fucked by one of the best power tops, Hector de Silva:

Also, is Hector sporting new art work?

[WATCH: "The Genie: Part Two" - Drill My Hole]

But genie Manuel saw all the others getting a piece of Massimo's ass and wanted some for himself!

From Drill My Hole:

Genie makes sure Massimo uses his last wish wisely; on him. Manuel shows Massimo just how it's done.

What a jealous genie! But when you're as hot as Manuel Skye, you can bend people to your will.

Does he eat sex for breakfast? Because good Lord.

Not only can HE bend in crazy positions, Manuel bends Massimo in some crazy positions!

He puts Massimo on his head, while eating his hole upside down...

I GUESS this is *kind of* like the jackhammer, but with oral?

Then Manuel folds Massimo in half while pounding his hole.

But then Manuel fucks Massimo...In the splitz.

Let's all pack it up and go home. We're not worthy.

Are you as flexible as Manuel Skye?


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