Casey Everett Takes Pierce Paris' 10-Inch Cock...AGAIN

October 13, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

When Pierce Paris calls Casey Everett for an afternoon delight, Casey Everett quickly obliges

[WATCH: Bareback Afternoon - Dominic]

The two have played with Dominic Pacifico before, but this time they don't have to share each other!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but thank GOD Casey and Pierce filmed their most recent fuck session in Vegas. That way, we could all see, take a look, and, you know...FAP to it.

The two have played before, in "Bareback Bondage Breeders" on Dominic, so they were well-acquainted.

But this time, there's no leather, no bondage, and no Dominic Pacifico. These two do just fine, though! Sometimes all you need is a cock and a hole.

[Watch: "Bareback Bondage Breeders" - Dominic Pacifico]

From Dominic

Pierce Paris comes over to visit Casey Everett, looking for an afternoon delight. Casey is always ready to take a big cock, and pierce has the biggest 10 inch cock in Las Vegas. Racing to get there clothes off, casey worships pierces’s huge meat until he finally gets fuck like to wouldn’t believe.

Look at Casey's beautiful brown eyes worshipping that beautiful meat!

Casey looks like he's in heaven, doesn't he?

Thank god Pierce licked it before he stuck it!

He's 10-inches, and you can't go in dry with something like that! He's probably learned something over the years.

Then Pierce Paris slammed Casey with his cock!

Casey looks like he's in heaven! And the mere fact that Pierce can't jackhammer with his cock means he's probably not lying about his size, and he really IS 10 inches (or just larger that most; Everyone lies).

After Casey Everett couldn't take any more ramming, he bounced on top until they both came.

And he was hard the entire time! That huge cock did his prostate good.

I have a feeling these two will have plenty more afternoon delights in the future...

Could YOU take Pierce Paris's 10 inch cock?


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