Billy Eichner Fucks Colton Haynes' Brains Out On American Horror Story

October 12, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Wow, television really wasn't dicking around last night! Or.... was it? I've only used that lame joke forty-five thousand times. So we already took a look at the very shirtless and very stacked K.J. Apa from the season two premiere of Riverdale, but I hope you saved up a couple of jizz droplets, because now we're going to check out a shirtless fuck scene on American Horror Story starring the openly sexy menz Billy Eichner and Colton Haynes! I like to bring up the pervy CW execs that have a fondness for Riverdale teens and probably molested James Van Der Beek, but Ryan Murphy, now there's a predator. Here's the jizz-st of what's going on in the AHS scene according to Instinct:

Colton Haynes, who plays Detective Samuels, is having an affair with Harrison Wilton (Billy Eichner), who happens to be Ally Mayfair-Richards' (Sarah Paulson) neighbor. Paulson actually walks in on the men getting it on, before she goes off to save Eichner's wife, who has otherwise been incapacitated.



It didn't take much for me to become a fully Billy Eichner convert after seeing his first shirtless scene on the season two premiere of Difficult People, and ever since, I've pretty much imagined this exact scenerio from AHS! Colton? Eh, bye girl. But Billy is such a freaking hottie with a bottie, and I especially love his sups fuzzy tits. Would you rather bottom for Billy or top for Colton? Or vice versa? Or all of the above?! Check out the full scene below and let us know. 


H/T: Instinct

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