Actor Playing Betty's Brother On Tonight's Riverdale Season 2 Scary Hot

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As if the pervy CW execs didn't already have their hands full with starlets such as K.J. Apa and Cole Sprouse, blonde hottie Hart Denton is entering the teen sex club known as Riverdale as Betty's long-lost older brother! The premiere episode of the second season of Riverdale - which in its entirety seemed to be filmed in four days - airs tonight, and the Internet is kind of losing it over Denton. Won. Der. Why.

The twenty-four-year-old Denton has cute blonde locks and sports a model-y face that out-models all model-y faces. He's like a cross between a barely-alive CK model from the 90's and Dave Franco. Or, a barely-alive twink porn star and Mads Mikkelsen. Either way, he looks barely alive, and I am loving every second of it! In addition to cheekbones that you could open a can of tuna with, Denton gives lips for days and days and isn't about to be outdone in the eyebrow arena. 

Is Denton your new number one Riverdale crush, or were you too busy trying to fit a shirtless picture of J.K. Apa pulled up on your iPhone into your butthole to even read this? Spillz! 


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