Hung Muscle Twink Gabriel Alanzo Makes A Deal With the Devil

October 11, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

NakedSword Releases Its Fall Blockbuster "The Devil's Deal and Other Sordid Tales"

[WATCH: "The Devil's Deal and Other Sordid Tales: Episode 1 - Ultimate Sacrifice" - NakedSword Originals]

Beefy Muscle Cub Jonah Fontana Stars opposite Gabriel and fucks him into oblivion

And here, we see Jonah working his mouth so he can get eternal youth (a gift so many gay men would ask for if they could) to Jonah. But when the devil looks like Jonah, Gabriel couldn't resist!

Also, let's acknowledge how AESTHETIC Jonah's balls are. So veiny.

From NakedSword Originals:

A handsome youth-obsessed go-go dancer (Gabriel Alanzo) summons the Devil (Jonah Fontana) to make a deal. He'd like to offer his soul in exchange for eternal youth and beauty. The Devil accepts his offer - but first instructs the hot young stud to suck his cock. After a brutal ass fuck the young man think's he's paid the price but there's always hell to pay when you're dealing with the Devil.

I can't help but think this looks very similar to Falcon's "Earthbound 2: Heaven to Hell".

[WATCH: "EarthBound 2: Heaven to Hell" - Falcon Studios]

But would you turn an boy like Jonah Fontana away?

He's got a great cock, but look at that ass. 

Gabriel Alanzo looks like he's ready to get fucked!

He's got a great butt, but look at that cock? Anyone else thinking this would ALSO be a great flip fucking scene?

To get his eternal youth, Gabriel gives up his ass to Jonah.

He's got his youth, and he'll ALSO have a healthy prostate.

Looks like getting eternal youth felt good in more ways than one!

Have you ever made a deal with the devil? Did he fuck you to hell?


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