Happy National Coming Out Day! What's YOUR Coming Out Story? Advice?

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Today is National Coming Out Day, and while it's not quite as fun as National Coming Inside... My Butthole... Day, it's always great to encourage the youths and the non-youths to come out as homosexy! We previously chit chatted about the celebs that helped us locate our g-spots - with mine being a certain gorgeous, conflicted thirty-year-old high schooler on Dawson's Creek - but today I want you guys to spill the deets on your coming out stories, and any advice you have for the zero closeted people reading Fleshbot Gay!

Oh me, you didn't ask? I went to high school with a bunch of neo-Nazis in the hills of East Tennessee, so I waited until college to let the world know of my fabulosity. I really only had one friend when I started college, and she ended up being the fagiest hagiest of them all, so I really lucked out when I came out to her. I came out to my parents during my sophomore year while we were watching television together, and later that night my mom made it all about her and cried. And my dad told me I owed her a hug for making her cry. We'll call that emotional abuse light. My brother is five years younger than me and completely self-absorbed, so when I told him that I was gay when we were in the car on the way to see The Golden Compass (we have excellent taste in movies,) he basically was like: "And this affects me how? Drive bitch."

In terms of my life-changing advice, I think during adolescence everything feels very immediate and pressing. If you don't feel comfortable coming out because of the people you're around - which is something you unfortunately might have little control over if you're in grade school - just know that a lifetime of men and happiness and acceptance awaits, whether it feels like it or not. Seeing openly gay guys living the life on Instagram might feel oddly discouraging or distant, but you will 100% get there, and still while you're freakishly young. I promise. And when you do hook up, use protection. And be careful when dating guys online, because people are freaks. And don't wear white flip-flops even though you'll see other gays wearing white flip-flops. Ok done.

I really want to hear what each and every one of you has to say on National Coming Out Day, so please spillz spillz spillz below!

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