WATCH Jaxton Wheeler at His Finest!

October 10, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

What Is Jaxton Wheeler's finest? A chain-rattling beast when uncontrollable sexual urges, duh.

[WATCH: Bareback Inquisition Part One - Bromo]

Watch as Jaxton raw rage fucks Buck Richards in Bromo's first Installment of "Bareback Inquisition"

Some people love Jaxton Wheeler, some hate him, and some think he's overexposed. But, say what you will, Jaxton Wheeler is having his gay porn moment in the sun. He may be cashing out before he retires, he may just be building his escort brand, but he's one of gay porn's "it" boys.

In Bromo's continued exploration of mild kink with cute nondescript Caucasian boys, Jaxton stars in their newest series, "Bareback Inquisition" and fucks newcomer Buck Richards!

When you're fucking someone at Hot as Buck Richards, being at your best is easy!

From Bromo:

In the first installment of this boundary pushing series, prepare to see Jaxton Wheeler at his finest: as a chain rattling beast with uncontrollable sexual urges. Although Buck Richards & Jaxton are both held captive by the same mystery man, it's clear who'll be the bitch in this dungeon. Will Buck be ready when the beast breaks free from his cage? Watch as Jaxton bends Buck to his will...and boy does he bend! 

Not to mention, Buck Richards looks great with a huge cock in his mouth.

He also looks great with a cock in his ass, and a huge dude like Jaxton Wheeler pounding him.

And when Jaxton Wheeler flips him over and fucks him upside down, we get a great look at both of them.

Finally Jaxton holds on to the chains, and fucks Buck senseless until they both shoot a load.

Do you love Jaxton Wheeler? Over Exposed? At His Finest?


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