Cameron Dallas Shaves His Head In Hot Boxer Briefs

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Cameron Dallas is about the sassiest starlet around these days, and in a new video, he shaves off his famed luscious locks wearing just his sexy black Calvin Klein boxer briefs! Anyone who's anyone knows that Dallas is 50% dick and 50% hair, so this is, like, a really big deal guys. But Dallas claims that this bold move is necessary as he moves into his senior twink years:

By the way guys I just turned 23. We are dedicating this year to new beginnings, self improvement, so we're just getting rid of the old me, and going for the new me. I feel like back in the day this would have been too big of a change for me but now that I'm so much more open and so much more mature, I just don't care.

It feels like just yesterday I too was young and fucking stupid. Dallas' parents definitely did a great job grooming him to be an attention garbage disposal, but honestly, as long as Dallas looks like this, I'll keep blowing smoke up his ass! Among other things. Rite ladies. JK IDK what that means.


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GQ covered this monumental moment in social media stardom as well and had this funny and amazingly bitchtastic commentary:

This just goes to show that, even in the age of YouTube fame, the buzz-cut is still a tool for reinvention and a way of telling the world you're a rebel in charge of his own destiny. It's also a way to ensure you look dope—and just a little bit scary—in fall jackets. For a guy like Cameron Dallas, these are all important things.

Dallas is rich, gorgeous, and has a lifetime of delusional merriment ahead of him. And we're just all a bunch of bitches. I love getting older. Check out ten seconds of the clip below before getting hives, and then head HERE to see Dallas' leaked dick pics!


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