Adorable Cuties Joel Vargas and Dom Ully Fuck at the Badpuppy Gym

October 6, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Once Joel Vargas and Dom Ully catch each other making eyes, they stop their workout and fuck on the gym floor!

[WATCH: Dom Ully and Joel Vargas - Badpuppy]

Talk about getting a great hands-on workout!

Do you remember Dom Ully, the adorable dude with gorgeous blue eyes, and only one nut, that jacked off at Badpuppy?

[WATCH: Dom Ully - Badpuppy]

And Do you remember Joel Vargas, the equally adorable dude who turned you into a sock fetishist when he jacked off at Badpuppy?

[WATCH: Joel Vargas - Badpuppy]

Well you're in for a gay porn treat - these two are the latest action stars at Badpuppy!

From Badpuppy:

Joel Vargas and Dom Ully are both working out at the gym when Joel catches Dom checking him out. Dom catches Joel playing with himself thru his shorts. Dom motions for Joel to stand and Dom drops to his knees, helping himself to Joelís thick, uncut dick. After pleasuring each otherís cocks on the floor mat Joel pulls Dom over to the work-out bench where he bends him over and spreads his ass cheeks. Joel pushes his cock into Dom slowly at first; but, when Domís used to the size of Joelís thick cock, Joel goes about giving Dom a fucking like heís not had in a while. 

If their adorableness doesn't kill you, their contrasts certainly will.

It's always interesting what they say about opposites attracting, and all that. And while these two are certainly similar in some ways (equally adorable, equally hung) the best part of watching them fuck was their contrasts.

Joel is a little bigger, Dom is a little twunkier; Dom is tattooed, Joel is smooth; Joel is Latino, Dom is not, so there's even a skin contrast between the two. 

Maybe opposites do attract, and it can make for some hot porn.

Have you ever gotten fucked at the gym like Joel and Dom?


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