'Ugly Betty' Star Mark Indelicato Is All Grown Up And Fabulous AF

October 6, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Like many child stars, Mark Indelicato grew up right in front of our eyes during his time as Justin, the ever-amazing gay nephew on Ugly Betty. Unlike the rest of them, Mark has grown up into adulthood and lives the exact kind of life we would expect from his on-screen character. On the show, he taught us how to slay in the modern day and now he's servin' up all that realness in real life. 

Nowadays, he is a fashion blogger and photographer, but don't take my word for it. Mark's portfolio on Instagram speaks for itself. Check out this globetrotting fashionista's posts from here, there, and everywhere.

?✨Hi, Welcome to my Home ✨?

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me & a token gay showing his abs

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Shoreditch Bitch ??

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What's her name? Does it matter?

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Get away from me

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I've been wearing the same outfit for one full week xo

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The 23-year-old hasn't been up to acting much these days, but we'll never forget how he helped bring gay teen life into the mainstream on TV back in the day. From his smart remarks as a little fashion-obsessed diva to sharing his first kiss with a boy on national television, Mark really made his... mark on LGBTQ+ history. It's nice to see that he hasn't let up any since then, either. 

I hope to see more of Mark, even if I have to live vicariously through him as he travels the globe and hangs out with all of my favorite celebs. 

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