Logan Paul Lost How Much Of His Testicle After Accident?

October 5, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


The lesser Paul twin (because he hasn't had verified leaked dick pics yet like his brother) Logan Paul just bravely opened up to Jimmy Kimmel about losing partial testicle after an accident that occurred while filming some stupid video with a friend. I can't remember which Paul twin is the racist asshole, but context clues are telling me both. I'll be equally harsh on the brothers until one of you tells me one of them saved a kitten from a tree. Then I'll be harsher. I hate kittens. Logan confessed:

I was with my friends back in Ohio, and I was like ‘my balls hurt guys!' You can’t tell that I’m missing 15%, but it’s the principle.

You, sir, don't know how many testicles we've seen here at Fleshbot Gay! We could tell you if you were missing .5% with just our mouths. The only reason I make sure to cover the twenty-two-year-old Paul twins is that we know from Jake Paul's leaked dick pics that the boys are packing perfect long pink peens, and when their fans inevitably ditch them for being turd McMuffins, they'll be heading straight for Sean Cody. They already have porn names for goodness sake!   


Photo Credit: Instagram

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