Lobbyist Bruce Beckham Gets What He Wants

November 17, 2016 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Resident "It boy" Jason Vario helps Bruce Beckham out with his re-return to gay porn

[WATCH: "Bad Cop 2: Internal Investigation" - Titan Men]

Jason and Bruce re-create their magic in Scene 3 of "Bad Cops 2" from Titan Men

While he's retired and un-retired in the past, we won't call this an un-retirement. Bruce Beckham had some problems with his retina that prevented him from shooting porn. But that's all cleared up, and he's back!

And Jason Vario helps him with his return.

His eye may not be in tact, but everything else still is!

Movie-star good looks? Yes. Perfect muscular build? Yeah. Light dusting of hair on the chest? Yup. HUGE COCK? YEAH.

If you were wondering where these two had fucked before, it was in a previous Titan Men film, "Cauke for Free".

I'm not usually one for repeat scene pairings (Casey Everett and Dominic Pacifico are one exception), but I'd watch anything these two did, including the phone book. And when fans demand they recreate their synergy, they recreate their synergy. 

[WATCH: "Cauke For Free: Scene Three" - Titan Men]

From Titan Men:

After a long day, Bruce Beckham needs relief. He gets it from Jason Vario, instantly on his knees after Bruce whips out his massive shaft. Jason swallows it, his head hitting Bruce’s duty belt. Bruce gives it back, his salt-and-pepper beard grazing Jason’s balls as he deep throats him—his aviator sunglasses (still on his face) hitting the jock’s groin. After eating each other out, Bruce bends over, punching the table as he gets pounded. His ass grinds down as he sits on the top (“You like that shit?”), Bruce then getting on his back for more before his stomach gets coated.

Not only does Jason aid Bruce with his return, he helps with his mouth to get him off!

But Bruce returns the favor with some head of his own.

Soon enough, Jason has Bruce bent over in the police break room, and they're fucking as if it's still November 2016, when their first film was released.

Time flies! and soon enough, cum will too.

Both guys work up a nice load, until Bruce is covered in cum.

Did Bruce Beckham and Jason Vario re-create their magic?


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