Dominic Pacifico Breeds Boyfriend Casey Everett in Whistler

October 2, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

As Dominic Pacifico and Casey Everett get away for gay ski week, Dominic breeds his boyfriend - TWICE - on a break from the slopes

[WATCH: Whistler Bareback - Dominic]

Dominic keeps proving to us that he can do ALL types of gay porn better than your fave

Dominic Pacifico has only been producing porn again for a few months now, but he's been taking the industry by storm in a refreshing way. Most of his stuff has leaned towards the kinkier side, with his leather-clad bondage scene with Casey and Pierce Paris, his sounding solo, and his Catholic-themed series "Repent". But sometimes you've gotta return to your roots.

Dominic reminds us that he can do regular sex just as well as kinky, on a weekend trip to Whistler! 


Dominic and Casey go to Whistler Canada for gay ski week. Cold and snowing outside they are warm and cosy by the fire and they canít keep their hands off each other. Filmed on a cell phone in the style of Fans only, Dominic barebacks Casey cumming in his ass twice whilst never pulling out to cum. Casey shoots his load all over himself and Dominic keeps fucking him till the very end of the scene.

Before he breeds his boyfriend, Dominic gets a taste of his sweet hole.

Then they do a little 69 action!

When he can't take any more, Casey slides back onto that raw cock.

Dominic being Dominic, can't stray too far away from the kink, and plays with Casey's feet as he fucks him!

The best part of this video? It was filmed on a cell phone. Dominic is killing the game on an iphone and your fave still looks awkward on professional pics. This ALSO means that Dominic likes to be watched. Remove the boy from the kink, and he'll find a way.

Which Dominic Pacifico do you prefer - BDSM Dominic, or sweet breeding Dominic?


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