Shirtless Shawn Mendez And His Amazing Ass Looking HAWTTT

September 28, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Shawn Mendes is a celebrity that I definitely Insta check up on pretty often, but, like fellow pop songstress Nick Jonas, he seems hellbent on sharing his professional musical endeavors rather than his body. Boo. You work for me bitch! Thankfully some thirsty fan caught Mendes hanging out poolside in Brazil, and boy is looking all kinds of fine! 

The nineteen-year-old 100% not gay for now singer is 6' 2" (just let that sink into your taintular region) and has an insanely buff bod, not to mendion his truly adorable face and head of yummy loosely curly locks. All I'm saying is... get him and Nolan Gould in a room together and I'll know for a fact that God is real.  

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In addition to giving bod and face, Mendez is delivering ass for days in these fan pics, and in one shot, we even see his hungry bungries gobbling up the fabric of his swim trunks! Plus, we can't forget about that maj upper thigh action. ::Trixie Mattel's RuPaul voice:: Do you fawn for Shawn, or does he make you... yawn? Let us know in the comments below! 


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