Nolan Gould Back Shirtless And His Dick Is Doing Things!

September 27, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


One of you guys must have been on your knees good and plenty for Gay Jesus recently, because the one and only Nolan "Show Me The Goulds" Gould is back and fully shirtless on Instagram! As if that isn't enough, and honestly it never is, We can also see that something in the penile region is causing Gould's swim trunks to leave the clingy goodness of his thighs to create a manly teepee effect. Hmm... Me thinks dick is to blame! 

The end of November will mark one year since we started checking out the eighteen-year-old's Gouldies, and you better believe we'll be doing a full MOMA-worthy retrospective of his important contribution to our holes when that time comes. For now, it's all about this picture, which features Gould's come-hither stance and maj pit action. He captions the pic with:

Enjoying the last beach days of the year! Totally didn't know where to put my hands in the second picture.

Don't worry, I know just where to put your hands! Was that gross? Sorry. Actually. You're welcome. 

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