Nick Jonas Reads Filthy Sex Tweets About Himself

September 26, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


When someone sent in this video of Nick Jonas reading dirty tweets about himself with the simple caption "dummy," I knew I was about to witness magic. Mr. Jonasty does indeed reveal, above all else, that he's just as dumb dumb dummy dumb dumb as we like to imagine while reading off Twitterverse's wildest fantasies about his holes and pole!

While the folks at Buzzfeed, the masterminds behind "Nick Jonas Reads Hilarious Thirst Tweets," oddly opted to feature Jonas wearing clothes, we do get to watch his cherry red lips flapping away, and his scruff is just as scrufftastic as ever. Just one big pile of fuckable yumminess! Here are some of the highlights:

Dear @nickjonas you literally make me want to set myself on fire from your immense sexiness so if you could dial it down a bit k thx




Nick Jonas could choke me on any holy day.


I have this recurring fantasy now where Nick Jonas puts me between his thighs and crushes my body


nick jonas can bite my nipple and snatch it out of my body and i'd say thanks daddy


nick jonas could literally Rip Me To Shreds


I want nick Jonas to *** the absolute *** out of my *******


See the full clip below, and let us know what ungodly question your taint has for Nick Jonas in the comments!


Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

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