Nick Jonas Is A Sexy Songstress For At Large Magazine

September 21, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


If you follow Nick Jonas' Instagram Story, you'll know that he's really into this idea of being a singer-songwriter sensation, which I think is a-freaking-dorable. He has his little headphones and everything! And a guitar. Aww I love you Nick. Like a kid with a little shopping cart at Trader Joe's. NE WAYZ, At Large Magazine goes INSIDE THE STUDIO for a behind-the-scenes look at Mr. Jonasty as he fine-tunes his musical prowess. The results are obviously sexy as fuck, and while we don't get tits, Nick's arms, face scruff, chocolaty brown eyes, and dummy dumb dumb dummy expression are on point.

With that said, there's something going in with Nick Jonas and his patented skin show these days, because this is decidedly a far cry from the early to mid-2010's Nick who stripped down for any and every all magazine appearance. The old Jonasty even grabbed his dick and balls and showed off his hairy ass crack for goodness sake!

The covered-up look could be a strategic marketing decision to highlight the seriousness of Jonas' music career and to steer away from him being a gay porn star, and I honestly don't approve. While we wait to see if Jonasty will make his return someday, these At Large pics aren't a bad way to pass the time! Do you like serious studio Nick, or slutty ass crack Nick? Spillz!

Photo Credit: At Large

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