Jaxton Wheeler Reprises His Most Famous Role Of Fucking In The Kitchen

September 19, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Jacob Peterson is delving farther into his homosexuality, and has buddy Jaxton Wheeler to help him out

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They start out baking a cake, but end up making batter of their own.

Wouldn't you love to taste Jaxton's batter?

So Jacob Peterson is coming out of the closet, and BFF Jaxton is helping him along. Jacob's making a cake, for reasons no one knows. Once the batter is spread, Jaxton dips his finger in. And next thing you know, the guys are banging on the kitchen floor.

But remember that OTHER time Jaxton Wheeler fucked in the kitchen?

That time, it was Jake Porter. And it became the internet meme du jour - yes Jaxton Wheeler is like, legit famous now. Suffice to say, Jaxton knows his way around the kitchen.

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This is just like yesterday, when Mark Long reprised his role of fucking for free rent (this time with Damien Kyle), but that's a rabbit hole we shan't go down.

After they put the cake in the oven, they move it to the bedroom, which Jaxton knows even better than the kitchen.

Those eyes and that face, good GOD.

Just like he shows Jacob Peterson the ways of being gay, Jaxton also shows him the way around a cock.

Another beautiful set of eyes. These two may have the most beautiful eyes in gay porn. I'd let them eye fuck the shit out of me, tbh.

From Men.com:

Jaxton Wheeler helps ease Jacob Peterson into exploring his fantasies beyond the straight world.

Then Jaxton fucks Jacob in every position...

Gotta know what they all feel like, right?

Until both guys cum everywhere.

Bon appetit.

Whom would you love to see Jaxton Wheeler fuck next?


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