Nick Jonas Is The Perfect Sexy Intern For James Corden

September 18, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

James Corden is not only a great talk show host and comedian, but it seems he's also here to make all of our dreams come true. He's no stranger to having hot guys on his show doing some crazy things, but his latest stunt needed no shock factor. Corden recruited hot-as-fuck hunky heartthrob Nick Jonas to be his newest intern, and now we're all dreaming of having a servant boy like Nick to meet our own everyday needs. 


During the segment, Corden looks at his empty coffee mug and asks why there isn't anything in it. Suddenly Nick appears with a bottle of water (which wouldn't be enough to quench my thirst), prompting the crowd to go nuts. Corden also requests a pastry, which Nick delivers. To be honest, no pastry would be as good as those cakes Nick is sporting, but I understand this show can't get too racy (sadly).

After a bit, Nick tells Corden that he looks a bit tense and asks if he wants him to do "the thing." Admittedly, my idea of 'the thing" wasn't a massage, at least not on the shoulders, but to each his own. 

Nick also looked noticeably more buff than usual, which only added to the excitement of seeing those arms at work. Check out the skit in its entirety: 

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