And Here's The Full Frontal Bro Nudity From Bromans

September 15, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Whenever I get jealous of the Brits for being the purveyors of culture and all things refined, I like to remember that they also create the trashiest television shows on the planet. And then I get even more jealous! Bromans, which debuted last night on ITV2, follows real-life couples as they face challenges based on ancient Roman traditions.The cameras then follow them around as they do slutty behind-the-scenes stuff. Duh, it's a reality show. My Flesh cohort Trey gave some deets on the show's stars, and now we have the hawt Roman dudity! 



There's nothing gayer than ancient times - when men could just be men, and like, do men stuff together - and that sentiment is certainly reflected in the premiere episode of Bromans. The guys all line up with just their hands coverings their dicks and balls while their female soulmates rut around in the dirt for their clothes. Contrary to appearance, these guys are not seasoned gay porn stars, but I wouldn't be surprised if they've rubbed out a few on cam sites. 

While the fellas all seemingly try to safeguard their peens from the cameras, there are plenty of dong and ball peeks in the gallery! Professionals. Did you see Bromans? Which guy do you think is the hottest? I'm eying the one standing between half-tatted blonde definite porn star and tatted balls out definite porn star.



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