Teo Carter's Cock-Dependent Natures Come Out At The Doctor's Office

September 11, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

As Pierce Paris gets bored waiting at the doctor, he decides he wants inside Teo Carter's hole

[WATCH: Cock Dependent - Bromo]

Once Bromo's newest stud has a cock in front of him, he can't resist it!

But can any of us really?

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But clearly Teo Carter has been eating too many bananas, and Pierce Paris has been feasting on too much ass lately, because they're both at the doctor. So...what better place to do it at than the doctor's office?

I wonder what the doctor will think when both guys' blood pressure is through the roof...

Once Teo sees Pierce's boner through his shorts he can't stop looking at it!

But for good reason - besides being a huge dude, Pierce ALSO has a huge cock!

Maybe instead of going by Pierce Paris, he should go by Pierce Piza because his dick is as big as The Leaning Tower.

You'd be dependent on that if you saw it, too.

At least Pierce Paris was more discreet about it than Scotty Zee was, ironing naked in front of his pool boy.

Give him some credit for not blatantly walking around naked! A little decorum is nice.

[WATCH: "Watch Me Iron" - Next Door Studios]

From Bromo:

For Pierce Paris, nowhere is off limits when it comes to getting off. When he spots Teo Carter during a long wait at the doctor's office, he wastes no time initiating a specialized bareback exam just for him. Hypnotized by Pierce's big dick, Teo is open and eager to recieve a raw probing, even at the risk of being discovered at any moment!

Once Pierce pulled his cock out, Teo's lips were on it in record time!

And once it was nice and wet, Teo hopped on it and fucked himself silly.

Lube be damned, y'all.

All that culminating in a fake cum shot.

Kudos to Bromo for using a half-decent set, and not that disaster of a set that was "The Fuck Room".

Couldn't even move the electrical wires out of the way of the shot.

If Pierce Paris pulled out his cock in the doctor's office, what would you do?


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