Ginger Cutie Andro Maas And Hunter Styles FINALLY Fuck!

September 8, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

They had been wanting to for a while; when they were given the opportunity to fuck, Hunter Stiles and Andro Mass jumped at the opportunity

[WATCH: "Andro Maas and Hunter Stiles" - Badpuppy]

Watch them kiss, suck, rim, and fuck at Badpuppy

They say good things come to those who wait. Andro Maas and Hunter Styles had met before, and were always into each other, but never had the chance to fuck...

...until now. Bless Badpuppy.

Both boys have actually been on Badpuppy before!

In his inaugural scene, Andro Maas got fucked by Kayden Gray.

What a way to help the legend return to porn after a brief hiatus! This time, though, he turns the tables and fucks Hunter.

[WATCH: Kayden Grey Fucks Andro Maas - Badpuppy]

In HIS first time at Badpuppy, Hunter Stiles took ALL of Jeffrey Lloyd's ginormous cock.

And he took it with aplomb. So we know he can take cock.

[WATCH: Jeffrey and Hunter - Badpuppy]

From Badpuppy:

Hunky Andro Maas and Hunter Styles have both appeared on Badpuppy before, but they have always wanted to hook up and now that they have the chance to do it on camera, it's all the better. Their kissing starts off deep and sensual. Neither makes a move to take of any clothes. They are totally focused on their two tongues probing each other's mouths. 

Look at that kissing. Look at all that touching tips.

These boys clearly have a tongue fetish - is that a thing? - and they may even spend more time tonguing each other than fucking.

After much too much of that, they move on to some oral.

Hunter wraps his lips around Andro's fat, uncut cock...

And then Andro buries his face surprisingly far into Hunter's hole.

Never would have guess Hunter had THAT much ass, but where there's a hole, there are cheeks.

That is how the saying goes, don't @me.

Then they finally get down and do what they came to do: fuck.

The action, not the expletive.

Maybe "good things" are a good fuck. Let's change that sentence, and never lose hope.

Whom would you like to see Andro and Hunter fuck next?


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