Jesse Jackman Fucks Muscle Bear Newcummer Steve Roman

September 7, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

After seeing the stud washing dishes, Jesse Jackman approaches Steve from behind, seducing him into a fuck over the kitchen counter

[WATCH: Muscle Daddies Scene Two - Titan Men]

These two continue Titan's "Muscle Daddies" series where Dallas Steele and Jason Vario left off

I'm starting to think that the farm that Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher grow their boys on has been subleased by Titan Men. Everyone is beginning to look the same! They're all, bulky muscled, built the same, hairy, brunette and skew older! So no wonder Titan has called their newest series "Muscle Daddies" - the two terms are now interchangeable.

Jason Vario and Dallas Steele starred in the first episode.

Now, in the second Episode, Jesse Jackman breaks in this cutie Steve Roman.

Just because I said all of Titan's men look the same didn't mean they weren't hot.

Steve isn't a *TOTAL* newbie, and this isn't his first scene! His first was with Liam Knox in Titan's "Swap".

[WATCH: Swap Scene Three - Titan Men]

All that said, Jesse technically fucked him first - though it was released first, Liam and Steve shot their scene the next day after some carpool karaoke. (He may have also done a scene with The Maverick Men, so this may be his third scene?)

From Titan Men:

Washing dishes in nothing but his jockstrap, beefy and bearded Steve Roman is approached from behind by Jesse Jackman—wearing nothing but a tight towel, which soon drops to the floor as they passionately kiss. Jesse grabs Steve’s furry ass, then holds Steve’s hands against the cabinets as he licks him. He spreads Steve’s cheeks and tongues him, rubbing his shaved head all over Steve’s furry butt. Steve tongue fucks Jesse back, smacking his muscle ass as he plants his hairy chin inside before fingering him. 

And before breaking him in, Jesse Jackman shoves his cock down Steve's mouth to show him how it's done.

Or to show him how it WILL be done, really.

After Steve finishes those dishes, Jesse bends him over to get a taste of dinner.

You're supposed to clean up AFTER you play, not before!

Then they take it to the bedroom for some fun!

And then Jesse shows Steve how muscle daddies do it, as he manages to fuck the cum right out of the bottom.

I wonder which fruit we'll see from the Titan garden star in scene three...

What do you think of Steve Roman - hot or not?


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