Zack Hunter Catches The Boys Next Door Up To No Good!

September 1, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Zack Hunter goes over to introduce himself to his new neighbors, William Seed and Kit Cohen, and gets an eyeful of fucking!

[WATCH: "The Guys Next Door: Part One" - Drill My Hole]

The boys next door are hot and getting it on at Drill My Hole. 

What are your neighbors like? Are they totally chill, or horrible?

Zack Hunter just moved to a new place, and he was going to check out his roommates. And check them out he did - he caught them fucking!

Hopefully they'll let him catch more of their show, and he'll be able to overlook the sometimes loud sounds that come from next door.

From Drill My Hole:

Zack Hunter just moved into a new building and he's busy checking out the area. He happily stumbles on an open window to find the hot guys next door taking each other in.

Looks like Kit and William have been caught...

Fuck with the blinds closed, guys. Or give us more of a show!

Even if they were caught, there's no denying how hot William Seed is. 

Huge uncut cock (that's well-formed, and rather beautiful, I must say). Great face, muscles, and keeps up with his hair. He's supposedly a Men exclusive, but I've literally never seen him before, so hopefully we'll see more of him.

And look at the beautiful eyes on Kit Cohen! Accentuated by the (beautiful) cock in his mouth.

And he takes that thing in his mouth all the way to the base? Hopefully we'll see more of him too!

Once Zack leaves them alone, Will fucks Kit all sorts of ways.

Yes. All of the ways. And Kit makes all of the faces. It's like he makes a new face each way he gets fucked.

And then, William sprays fake cum HOPEFULLY OUT OF HIS DICK on to Kit's cheek!

Who knows - maybe Zack will visit his neighbors more often! Maybe they'll fuck him or have orgies of their own. Maybe we'll find out in episode two?

Do you have neighbors as hot as Kit and William? Would you fuck your neighbors?


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