Dylan O'Brien Body Hair Sampler In Steamy Shirtless Pic

August 31, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


SOME of you are open to voicing your appreciation for a certain delish young adult franchise star, and today we've got arguably the best look at Dylan O'Brien's beefed up man bod yet! This pic comes from his upcoming thriller, American Assassin (Alternate title: Assassinate My Ass, American,) in which his character's life is ruined when terrorists kill his girlfriend right as he proposes to her. Less competition amirite. JKJK.   

O'Brien comes from the Teen Wolf lineage of young actors who look like gay porn stars. People who have followed Dylan's career will notice that his bod is indeed pumped the hell up in this new pic compared to what we've seen in his previous werk. Here's a nice twink image of Dylan O'Brien from yesteryear, when Vincent Thrice made this site funny and when we used to rip pics from Just Jared without trimming off the borders. The good ol' days.    

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The most spectacular part of this pic is Dylan's happy trail, which was apparently closed for construction and reopened as a four-lane goddamn hair highway! I also like how it's almost a complete mirror image of the cum landing strip found between O'Brien's tits. Let's see... Veins. Arms. Pecs. Face. Everything just going for him here! Thoughts? Spillz!  



Photo Credit: CBS Films

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