Nick Bateman Insta Puss Destroyer

September 8, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


We're nothing if not discerning about our Instagram models here at Fleshbot Gay, and Nick Bateman delivers just the right mixture of douchetastic fuckableness and cute dog to make him a top tier Insta fame ho! The fact that he's actually not just Brody Jenner is pretty surprising, but I have to imagine they at least share whatever genetic material makes you ripped, daintily bearded, and photogenic as fucking fuck.  

SPEAKING OF GENETIC MATERIAL. I'm feeling all sorts of footloose and fancy-free in my no no thanks to the countless shirtless and bulgy shots provided by Bateman. As I mentioned before, he ups the ante by including an adorable yappy prop dog in half his pictures. As if to say, I have a soft side too. And I'd very much like to see more of that soft side. That soft, pink side. Head to the gallery to see Nick Bateman's Insta highlights!  

Peen.Is.: He knows KARATE or something?! Soooo cooool. 


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