Luke Adams Jacks Off at Badpuppy. No. Not That One. THAT one.

August 25, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

Looks like the American and British version of a Luke Adams are different! Silly language barriers.

[WATCH: Luke Adams - Badpuppy]

When most people who watch gay porn think of a Luke Adams, they think of this:

They probably mostly think of the combination of his smile and booty, but this is the man they think of.

[WATCH: Luke Adams -]

However, Badpuppy just introduced us to its version of a Luke Adams.

From Badpuppy:

22 year old Luke Adams comes to us from England where he is in school studying psychology and apparently he makes the time for working out because his body is absolutely ripped. After a brief interview Luke stands up and slowly strips off his shirt and then his jeans. His tight body and bulging manhood fill out his white briefs. Luke lies back on the bed massaging his cock thru his underwear; but, that does not last long as he leans up and pulls off his shorts. No sooner had his shorts hit the floor, his cock was in his hand and he was stroking quite intently.

If he weren't adorable and didn't know his way around the gym, you'd protest.

And it doesn't help that his blue eyes are HUGE, and he's got a nice uncut cock.

The more to play with, the better.

He's even got huge feet, and a cute little butt!

Not as cute as The Old Luke Adams, but is anyone else's butt that cute?

Maybe soon, Luke Adams will become a commodity, like Xerox Machines, and we call ALL porn stars Luke Adams, and they decrease in value as they become a household name.

Should I add The New Luke Adams (TM) to my original Fleshbot article, "Gay Porn Stars Who Are Also Historical Figures"? Luke Adams Sr. May not be a historical figure, but we'll be writing about that ass for years to come...

Which Luke Adams do you prefer?


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